Country Parks Hiking and Planting Day 2023

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1. How can I register for the "Hiking and Planting Day"?

Pre-registration is not required. Participants can arrive at the registration point between 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on the activity day for registration. Walk-in enrolment is on a first-come-first-served basis due to site constraints. Please refer to this programme website for the details of the registration points of the activities.

2. Is the "Hiking and Planting Day" free of charge?

The activity is free of charge. All seedlings and tree planting tools are provided by the AFCD.

3. What else do I have to prepare for the "Hiking and Planting Day"?

Get enough rest the night before the activity. On the activity day, make sure you have suitable clothing, socks and shoes. Prepare enough food and water, hiking equipment, sunscreen and rain gear. Bring along your own bags for carrying the seedlings to the planting site, if needed.

4. Will the organisers provide gloves for the participants on the activity day?

We will not provide gloves. Participants are suggested bringing their own reusable ones, if needed.

5. I know nothing about tree planting. Will the organisers provide any guidance?

Our staff or Country Parks Volunteers will provide guidance at the planting site.

6. Is there any age limit for participants to take part in the "Hiking and Planting Day"?

There is no age limit for participants to take part in the activities. However, participants should consider their physical ability and hiking experience and decide whether they are suitable to take part in the activities. 

7. Will there be tree planting activities exclusively for groups / organisations / schools?

Due to limited tree planting sites, tree planting activities organised by AFCD are open to the public only. Members from different groups, organisations or schools can participate in the "Hiking and Planting Day" individually.

8. Is it possible for groups / organisations / schools to pre-register or reserve seedlings if they wish to participate in the "Hiking and Planting Day"?

We do not accept pre-registration and no seedlings will be reserved for any participants. Due to limited planting sites, all seedlings are distributed on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last. If all seedlings are given out, participants are welcome to go hiking.

9. Will the tree planting activity be called off on a rainy day?

The "Hiking and Planting Day" will be continued on a rainy day unless any tropical cyclone, rainstorm or thunderstorm warning is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory. However, participants should make their own decision whether or not to continue the activity according to the actual situation and their physical ability.

10. Will the tree planting activity be called off because of adverse weather?

If Thunderstorm Warning, any Rainstorm Warning or Tropical Cyclone Warning is hoisted at 7:00 a.m. on the activity day, the activity will be cancelled.